Umberto Gori

Professor - University of Florence

Professor - University of Florence

Umberto Gori (1932). Dual Citizenship: Italian and Swiss. Professor Emeritus in the University of Florence, got his MD in Political and Social Sciences with a thesis in International Private Law (110/110 Magna cum Laude) in the academic year 1955-56. Soon after the University he served in the Army, Division "Granatieri di Sardegna"(1957- 58).

He holds a PhD in International Organization (1969), and since 1975 Full Professor of International Relations and Strategic Studies in the "Cesare Alfieri" Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Florence, where he has given courses - after his retirement in 2007– on Terrorism,  Intelligence and Techniques of Forecasting.

He is Professor of International Relations and Strategic Studies for the Staff Officers in the Naval Academy, Italian Navy, and in the Air Force College. In the past he has given courses on Global Strategy at the War School of the Army and in other military institutions.

He has given courses for the Diplomatic Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and for specialized institutions of the Ministry of Defence and the European Defence Agency (EDA). He has also been director of research for the Analysis and Planning Unit of the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs and for the Military Centre of Strategic Studies (Ministry of Defence).

He is  President of the University Centre for Strategic, International and Entrepreneurial Studies (CSSII).  as well as Director of the Institute of Forecasting Studies and International Research (ISPRI), former President of CERPRE ( Centre Européen  pour  les  Recherches de Prévision – Association Européenne), Geneva,  Switzerland, and V. President of IFRA (International Futures Research Academy).

He has been  President of the Scientific Committee of the Master on "Intelligence and Security Studies" of the Link Campus University of Malta until 2010.

Until Nov. 2007 he has served as Director of the Department of Political Science of the University of Florence.

Among his former appointments, he has been Director of the Italian Institute for the United Nations (1989-1994), visiting professor in the University of Paris and in other foreign Universities (Germany and USA), and lecturer in some Ministries of Foreign Affairs ( Middle East and  Africa) for many years.

He is Member of the Scientific Committee of Rivista Italiana di Scienza Politica  and Futuribili, and has been Member of the AdvisoryBoardof International Interactions, The Journal of Conflict  Resolution, and of the Editorial Board of International Studies Quarterly. He is also a member of the Country Risk Forum of the Association of Italian Banks (ABI).

His books and publications (more than two hundred, among which 20 books) cover issues of International Organization,  International Relations and Strategic Studies.  His last books  are Lezioni di Relazioni Internazionali, 2nd Edition, CEDAM, Padua, 2004, pp. 582;  Invisible Threats: Financial and Information Technology Crimes and National Security, (Editor), IOS Press, The NATO Programme for Security through Science, Amsterdam, 2006, pp.141; Modelling Cyber Security: Approaches, Methodology, Strategies,(Author end Editor), IOS Press, Amsterdam 2009, pp. 215; Information Warfare- Le nuove minacce provenienti dal cyberspazio alla sicurezza nazionale italiana,  (Author and Co-Editor),  F. Angeli Ed., Milano 2011, pp. 191; La sfida della cyber Intelligence al sistema Italia- Dalla sicurezza delle imprese alla sicurezza nazionale, (Author and Co-Editor), F.Angeli, Milan, 2012, pp. 174.

Honours: Knight Commander, Order by merit  of the Italian Republic, bestowed by the President     of Italy.
Gold Medal, University of Florence.

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